Bridge To China has been providing sourcing services since 2004 and delivers components, products and solutions from China to leading companies in Europe, US and Australia. We take full responsibility for the entire process and can, through our organization of 35 employees in Shanghai, help our customers to source their products from China. For delivery we use more than 50 audited and approved suppliers.

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Bridge to China offers consulting services for Chinese and Western companies.

Focus is on how to enter, develop and grow in foreign markets.

Our consulting is aimed at supporting action to follow.

We work with local leading market research and consulting partners.

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Bridge to China distributes products on behalf of:
– Western companies to the Chinese market
– Chinese companies to the Western market

Bridge to China provides a complete service line for providing a go to market operation to the customer. This covers the scope from build-up to operating it on behalf of the customer.

We also support with stocking and physical distribution.

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