“Wasp” wide assortment sourcing provider. We source products from China for western companies.
  • Quotation to delivery
  • Wide assortment covering many areas
  • Chinese organization with 35 people

Bridge To China has been providing sourcing services since 2004 and delivers components, products and solutions from China to leading companies in Europe, US and Australia. We take full responsibility for the entire process and can, through our organization of 35 employees in Shanghai, help our customers to source their products from China. For delivery we use more than 50 audited and approved suppliers.

We have spent 7 years developing our sourcing processes, based on the requirement to source complicated products for demanding customers.

We believe in close cooperation, long term relations and a constant strive for excellence.

Our overall process is as follows;


When a request for qoutation is received, Bridge to China starts with clarifying drawings and specifications to make them function in China.

Suitable suppliers are then identified for a quotation process. The ambition is to use suppliers from our established supplier base, although continuously searching for alternatives to challenge price level and manufacturing processes.

Shortlisted suppliers are then audited based on our three-stage program, refined over seven years. Approval of suppliers regularly requires implementation of an improvement program for the supplier.

Today our supplier base consists of more than 50 suppliers with whom we have developed long-term working relations over nearly a decade. These relationships lead to faster, safer and more effective sourcing.

Validation of product and process

After an approved quotation, an extensive work is initiated to secure that products are being produced in accordance with specifications. This procedure often contains development of the supplier operation, production process and quality assurance process – in close cooperation with the selected supplier.

Sampling and testing is used extensively to secure that specifications are met.

During this phase, plans for ramp up of production will be validated.


When samples are approved, the production process is implemented:

Precision is secured in full scale production, which entails challenges in meeting both quality and production capacity requirements.

Packing, loading and transportation instructions are developed to avoid damage and reduce costs during transportation.

Bridge to China also offers different logistics concepts to shorten lead times.

“Sourcing from China is not easy. Using effective sourcing processes, fully implemented by skilled professionals, preferably in cooperation with established suppliers, complemented with an effective quality control process – is the only way!”

Ulf Johansson, Managing Director Bridge to China AB

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