HR Policy

In order to be excellent, Bridge to China has constant focus on our human resources as the most important part of our organization. Respect for the individual employee, active development of skills and a good working climate are our main priorities.

We offer a rewarding career path where employees are supported by internal and external education.

To support the HR policy, every employee has a job description and we focus on the performance reviews between the manager and the employee. The performance review also involves making a development plan for the employee.

Furthermore, we analyze the working climate in order to constantly enhance our working conditions.

Bridge to China corporate culture

Bridge to China strives to use the best from the Western and Chinese working culture. We want personal development to be in focus with the aim of continuously developing the competencies of our employees and thereby our operation, regardless of qualifications or title in the organization.

Working in our organization allows involvement throughout the process, from idea to solution, and our varying working day offers constant learning and a broad overview of different industries as well as extensive experience from working with Western companies being built up.

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