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Industrial sourcing

Complex ideas turned into reality.


Industrial sourcing is where we started back in 2005. We’ve had the opportunity of working with high demanding companies and complex projects from the start, and it has been a learning process ever since.

Today we like to believe we can handle any type of project.

Fields of expertise


Over the years, we have supplied products over many areas. We continuously develop our teams to meet with new demands.


Sub assemblies




ISO 9001 & 14001
Solid State
3D Prototyping



A broad skillset

We have a team of 10 engineers in Shanghai with a broad skillset, enabling us to thoroughly investigate the viability of sourcing from China. All of them have been with the company for many years, some from the start, and have long experience in working with western clients and their demands.

Together with many capable suppliers within different fields, we are delivering a broad spectra of components, products, sub-assemblies and equipment.

Add our layer of 10 QA personell, and 5 people supply chain team, we hope you are confident to place any project with us.

Optimizing for production in China

Product development is one of our strong suits. An example is a 35 tonnes crusher bottom delivered to a mine, for a fraction of the price and time that western suppliers could manage. In close corporation with our client and our skilled suppliers, we can take your idea to finished product in shorter time than expected.

Our staff can support design reviews to optimize a product for manufacturing in China. By challanging features, tolerances, materials and production methods, you can cut cost significantly.

Assembly and distribution center

In our 1500m2 factory close to Shanghai, we can assemble you product with components from several different suppliers. From our ADC, we send assembled products to home-market to your distributors globally.

Want to sell your product in China?

We investigate the Chinese market and how to enter successfully, and set up your sales organization in China to gain market shares in quickest way possible. We stock your products in China for quick deliveries to your future partners.

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