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A well proven process


Over 15 years we have developed processes to be able to handle all kinds of products. Up until today we have supplied everything from 500 tonnes solutions to micro-components.

We approach each project with an ambition to secure meeting all requirements, quality and on-time-delivery.

↓ 5 steps for success


We have worked closely with high demanding clients since 2005. This forced us to develop a sourcing process to rely on, ensuring competitive prices, quality and on-time deliveries.

Through vetting of more than 2500 suppliers, we have 120 factories in close cooperation to safely deliver components, products, and sub-assemblies and equipment in various materials for different industries.

-> Clarify requirements


For both drawing-based and OEM products, we start by securing product project requirements. This often means translating standards and understanding functions.

When possible, improvements are identified and propsed to the customer.

-> Product & supplier evaluation


We start by investigation our already approved vendors and whether they have the capabilities to handle the project. If not, we evaluate suppliers based on the specification according to our rigorous 4 step supplier audit process.

From this we select a short list on approved suppliers, all of whom meet customer demand on quality and offer competitive prices.

-> Quotation


BtC handle all negotiation with the selected suppliers, to make sure competitive pricing is accompanied by high quality and other key factors. Pricing for tools and transportation is also investigated at this stage.

Ambition is to have 3 suppliers competing for each RFQ.

-> Prototyping


Our engineers work with our suppliers to secure that production is optimized and delivers the right quality.

Prototypes are produced or samples are collected to be validated by both BTC and our customer.

-> Delivery


Production is scaled up and we develop a supply chain setup. Inspection routines are established and we optimize deliveries and stocking.

We work with your forwarder and handle administration to make shipments smooth and get to you on time.



In order to succeed in the sourcing process, we believe in close collaboration with our customers. Our clients have a point of contact both in the Stockholm Team and in the China team. We always welcome our clients to meet with their suppliers in China.

Core project team:

Project engineer (CN)
Quality assurance (CN)
Supply Chain (CN)
Account management (SWE)
Project coordination (SWE)



Deliveries on time since 2005


Supply chain management

Bridge to China has an experienced supply chain team and our clients get their own dedicated supply chain staff, who learns your workflows and document requirements to make your importing from China a piece of cake.

Every year we handle shipment of around 500 containers, and through close collaboration with your forwarder we can ensure our deliveries get to you in time. In 2020, with all its challenges due to the pandemic, 96% of our deliveries were on time.

And when possible, we always try to consolidate shipments for cost efficiency.

Supplier portfolio

We find your OEM products in Chinas gigantic market and make sure they live up to the expectations of your end customer. Either a specific product, or continuous category-based search for multiple products.

Or we develop new products for you. With our team of 10 engineers and our close cooperation with over 120 suppliers, we can develop products both time- and cost efficiently.

Furthermore, the BTC supply chain team make sure products are delivered on time.

Business audit

Financial due diligence, check CoC documents and sign NDA, secure honest interest in cooperation.

Technical audit

BtC technicians perform an audit of 1-2 days for the technical capabilities, manufacturing process and equipment.

Quality audit

BtC quality inspectors perform a second audit of 1-2 days for quality evaluation, consisting of 115 audited elements.


If then the supplier meet the requirements of BtC, we are establishing a relationship to the factory management and a joint plan to develop business together.


Less than 1% in claimed goods between 2005–2021.


Since we take full responsibility for product quality meeting expectations of our customer, we don’t like to take chances. When auditing suppliers we make sure they have proper quality control procedures. We also establish new quality audit documents and procedures for each new project.

On top of this, the BTC quality staff inspects every shipment before leaving China. This way we avoid a majority of quality issues.

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