Bridge to China has been providing sourcing services since 2005. Through 1000+ projects, for more than 40 customers in Europe, Asia, North America & Australia, we have gathered extensive experience.

With own organization of 35 staff in China, engineers, quality engineers and supply chain staff, we ship out 500 containers annually (2019) , with 1000+ different products, produced by more than 120 suppliers. From simple components to advanced equipment.

BtC take full responsibility for quality and delivery on time.

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Sourcing can be complicated and expensive to run. BtC has taken over multiple sourcing organizations in China. With 35 people own staff of engineers, quality staff and supply chain staff – we have the scale to provide required expertise at economy of scale. We always strive to lower the total cost for the customer. “Better and cheaper”.

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Cost reduction

Bridge to China provide the program “Cost Level Improvement Program” (“CLIP”). This is a structured method to work with the cost base of companies and identify potential cost reductions through sourcing from China. The program is run in close cooperation with the customer organization. The program establishes a new cost base – not short-term savings.

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