We offer consulting services with focus on how to enter, develop and grow in foreign markets – China and West.
  • Market analysis and strategy
  • Product definition and validation
  • International go-to-market approach

Bridge to China offers consulting services for Chinese and Western companies.

Focus is on how to enter, develop and grow in foreign markets.

Our consulting is aimed at supporting action to follow.

We work with local leading market research and consulting partners.

The following consulting services are provided

Market analysis consulting

Bridge to China offers deep market analysis aimed at understanding the market, its potentials and challenges.

Our market analysis covers customers, competitors, market channels, products and regulations.

Market strategy consulting

Based on the market analysis, a market strategy can be developed. This should be the plan for addressing the market potential and its challenges.

We set the market strategy by considering segmentation, market channels, offering portfolio, marketing, sales, geography and position at the market.

Product definition and validation

Product requirements often vary in different markets. In this stage, the aim is to get a full understanding of the product and offering portfolio requirements. With this as a basis we develop an offering portfolio to meet the requirements of the intended market.

This work is performed in close cooperation with the customer and our team of 25 engineers. Bridge to China can provide effective support in this process.

International go-to-market approach

For Chinese companies we offer go-to-market approach for Europe.

For Western companies we offer go-to-market approach for China.

Based on the market strategy, a go-to-market model is being developed. In this go-to-market model we define functions like sales, marketing, support and product distribution and how these functions are going to be implemented in the market.

This consulting service is often combined with Bridge to China distribution services where actual build up of go-to-market operation is implemented.

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