We offer to take over your sourcing organization and instead sell this as a service.
  • Multiple references since 5 years
  • Broader expertise and own quality assurance
  • Always commented “better and cheaper”


Sourcing in China can be both complicated and expensive. It is like IT-operation used to be. All companies used to have their own IT-department. But problems with need for expertise and turnover of staff – led to constant problems. And costs was high. Today most of IT-services are provided by external service providers that can provide required expertise, stability and at a competitive cost.

The same trend has now reached sourcing  from China since some few years.

Outsourcing of sourcing

We have taken over multiple organizations over the last 5 years. In some cases we have taken over the staff and integrated into BtC-operation while in other cases the customer did close down their own organization and moved the business to BtC.

Usually we have had to spend 1-2 years to streamline the operation we take over;

  • Secure right quality
  • Delivery on time
  • Price competitiveness
  • Support on product development

Our experience is that many suppliers will be exchanged during our migration process in order to better meet requirements fro our customer.

We dedicate a team internal BtC to handle the migration process to taking over the suppliers in cooperation with the customer. This done carefully not to create trouble regarding supply of products during the transition process. We have established procedures for how to run this process.

Even if we have our experiences, every case has it’s own prerequisities.

But we are always interested in discussing your situation.

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