We offer one Bridge to China. For all type of products.“BtC” take full responsibility from RFQ to delivery.
  • In China since 2005
  • Own staff of 35 people in China
  • 120 factories in cooperation



BtC takes full responsibility from RFQ to delivered product.

  • Engineers secures RFQ, quotation and production set-up
  • Quality engineers secure supplier quality and product quality
  • Supply chain department secure delivery on time

BtC today serve more than 30 companies in Europe, Asia and North America

BtC inherited effective sourcing process from joint venture with Elektroskandia that started in China 1999. BtC then developed own processes since 2005 – and work still is on going. This to support sourcing of wide assortment and complicated products and equipment.

120 approved suppliers in own supplier network

  • Selected from analysis of more than 2500+ suppliers.
  • Qualified in 4 step audit; Business & attitude, technical skills, quality assurance and then start of cooperation.
  • With large sourcing volume – BtC secures manufacturers interest for cooperation.

BtC in close cooperation with customers

  • Sourcing from China is more demanding than buying from local suppliers. BtC has developed close cooperation with its customers to deal with extra challenges when purchasing from China.

Process description

The major steps in BtC sourcing projects;

  • RFQ – secure clear requirements, translate standards, understand function, select suppliers
  • Quotation – evaluate suppliers, select short list, negotiate, present quotation
  • Prototyping – develop production process, develop quality assurance, produce prototypes and validate internal BtC and then by customer
  • Delivery – scale up of production, develop supply chain set-up, establish inspection routine optimizing deliveries

Sourcing services levels 1.0 – 2.0 – 3.0

BtC is serving customers with different levels of sourcing service, presented below. These levels have been developed since 2005 – to address different demands expressed by customers.

Sourcing 1.0 Competitive price

  • Right quality
  • Delivery on time
  • Effective document handling

Sourcing 2.0 (In addition to 1.0)

  • Production optimization of production design
  • Production towards forecast och stocking in China to shorten lead times
  • Assembly

Sourcing 3.0 (In addition to 2.0)

  • Product development in cooperation with Chinese sub-suppliers – for optimal production
  • Supplier development; Selecting a supplier with potential and develop them to meet higher requirements – still securing a very competitive prices. Then adding BtC quality assurance layer as safety.

“Sourcing from China is complicated. By using effective sourcing processes, by own skilled professional staff, and carefully selected suppliers, supported by BtC quality control process – is the only way we have found!”

Ulf Johansson, Managing Director Bridge to China AB

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