Bridge to China run sourcing/lego production at 120 factories in China. Then Bridge to China has one own factory for specially demanding production.

    • 120 factories in cooperation
    • Audited in 3 steps process
    • Many manufacturers well known after long cooperation

Build up of manufacturer portfolio

Bridge to China has since 2005 investigated 2500 manufacturers for cooperation. From this huge effort (100+ manyears) we have selected 120 manufacturers for the BtC approved vendor list.

Evaluation of potential factories for cooperation is performed in 4 steps;

  1. Business and attitude audit; Good finances, CoC & NDA signed, right interest in cooperation.
  2. Technical audit; BtC technicians perform an audit of 1-2 days for the technical evaluation
  3. Quality audit; BtC quality inspectors perform and audit of 1-2 days, consisting of 115 audited elements, for the quality evaluation
  4. If then the supplier meet the requirements of BtC for the supply area intended, BtC is establishing a relation to the factory management and a joint plan to develop business together.

Manufacturer portfolio today

For each delivery – BtC has quality staff at factory site for inspection. Through this BtC has a continuous contact with the manufacturer as well as good view of their development.

With the volumes we have placed with manufacturers today – we have support for start up of new projects – that initially is of small volume. We are through other larger volumes placed at the manufacturer – qualified to give them also some smaller volumes.

In some areas BtC is developing new very competitive manufacturers. It can be a manufacturer with potential being found, and then BtC use own engineers and quality staff to support the manufacturer to develop and meet new and higher requirements. This can also include implementation of APQP/ PPAP procedures. Even if this requires extensive effort from BtC side – we can develop manufacturers that can provide very competitive prices.

Recently we are also involving factories in product development. For customer who are after really competitive prices, we can invite our factories to be involved early in products development projects and thus support design of products being very optimized for high quality at a competitive price. Customers have been surprised of the effects of this on product price, product development cost and time-to-market.

“Our approved vendor list is a strategic asset that we spend significant time to maintain and develop.”

Ulf Johansson, Managing Director, Bridge to China AB



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